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Scroll down for the latest updates on the Republican war on women. 

After hearing over and over about the Republican plan to repeal Obama’s health insurance reform, which helps so many women, and when I saw a huge effort to appeal to women at the 2012 GOP Convention in Tampa, I began wondering about the GOP position on women’s issues.  Here’s what I found on important issues like women’s health, rape, domestic violence, women’s reproductive rights, and marital infidelity by Republican leaders.

During the 2012 presidential campaigns, Republican leaders Romney and Ryan had said they supported a personhood constitutional amendment that would grant more rights to a fertilized egg than to a pregnant women and would ban several kinds of birth control. Rep.  Ryan and his fellow Republicans in the GOP-controlled House of Representatives also had tried to redefine rape.  In 2012, 13 GOP candidates for the U.S. Senate wanted to criminalize abortion for rape victims.  Also in 2012, 19 Republican-controlled states passed more than 40 new laws hurting women’s reproductive health and rights, and Republicans nationwide introduced close to 1,000 bills attacking women’s reproductive health and rights.

Republican repeated claims that the war on women is a fantasy and a myth has only intensified my research on the issue.  The Tea Party helped pull the GOP back into power in 2010 under the guise of controlling government spending and creating jobs, but, Are Republicans really for creating jobs and reducing spending?

Also in 2012, Virginia’s Republican Senate candidate George Allen got the financial backing of Foster Friess who has openly suggested that “women don’t need contraception,” but “should just hold an aspirin between their knees.”  (His money will add to the more than $15 million already spent by conservative special interest groups and individuals — including the millionaire behind the swift-boat ads — to attack former Gov. and now Sen. Tim Kaine who was endorsed by The Washington Post describing him as “a better choice by leaps and bounds.”)

Republicans say they want to focus on jobs and the economy, and the smart ones avoid talking about social issues.  However, after doing this research and looking at the Republicans’ track record, it’s clear to me that they don’t create jobs, and instead try to redefine morality in this country from day one and try to continue the Republican war on women.


Health Insurance Reform (ObamaCare):

“Insurance companies can no longer discriminate against women.” – said Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius discussing health insurance reform (ObamaCare). 

Thanks to ObamaCare, 47 million women with private insurance can get mammograms with no co-pay, and 40 million women saw lifetime caps on their care lifted.  ObamaCare also helps women get crucial prenatal and postnatal care, which Republicans often oppose but that helps reduce abortions in young women and greatly increases the survival rate of the child.  The U.S. has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the industrialized world because of lack of pre- and postnatal care.  ObamaCare also helps women get bone density scans and nursing home assistance.   ObamaCare also expands Medicaid: One-third of babies born in the United States are now delivered with Medicaid assistance for the poor, and among Medicare beneficiaries over the age of 85, some 70 percent are women.  At least half a dozen Republican governors refused to expand their Medicaid pools as recommended in ObamaCare.  Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Instead of focusing on job creation and growth, the GOP-controlled U.S. House voted 33 times to repeal health reform and hence wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Moreover, the Republicans in Congress, as well as last year’s presidential hopefuls Romney and Ryan, agree with the all-male leadership of the Roman Catholic Church that providing insurance coverage for contraception for low-income hospital and school workers is a violation of “religious freedom,” and want to reduce the availability of family planning for low-income women.  As Emilie Openchowski puts it, “abortion is only a portion of a broader war being waged against fundamental rights for women.”


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